Apostle Tonya Smallwood

A native of Indianapolis, Indiana, Tonya is the first child of Fred and Loretta Jackson. She has an awesomely divine purpose to change the atmosphere and be a voice and light in the kingdom of God! Baptized at the young age of ten, Tonya heard God's call and chose to follow Him.

In 1984, Tonya relocated to the Washington, DC, area and continued a vibrant and highly successful career spanning 38 years as a high-impact corporate executive. A former 20-year Freddie Mac executive, Tonya most recently retired as President and CEO for nine years at Family Matters of Greater Washington. Her fearless resolve to integrate her faith into all aspects of her life has resulted in unparalleled success in executive leadership. She concluded her education with honors, both undergraduate studies in Computer Technology at Purdue University and her Master’s in Management Information Systems at George Mason University. Tonya was married to the late Elder Jerry L. Smallwood. She has two awesome adult sons, Eddie Jackson and Justin Smallwood (daughter in law Sierra Smallwood) and three precious, absolutely adorable grandchildren Liam, Audrey and Zoë!

In 1994, God spoke to Tonya through a vision calling her to create Christian dolls and to birth the Sisters of the Son Enterprises. Since then, God has taken this highly anointed vessel on a most incredible journey! The journey has included the formation of Sisters of The SON Christian businesses, non-profit foundations and ministries co-founded with her late husband, Elder Jerry Smallwood.  

In 1997, God called Tonya into the ministry, leading her to establish the Sisters of The SON Ministries. Under her stewardship, this full gospel ministry reaches, teaches and leads others in understanding the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ by demonstrating regionally and internationally the power of LOVE through sharing and giving. We leverage partners internationally to assist in fulfilling the Great Commission. With a big heart for all people, a love for God’s gift of diversity and a desire that everyone comes to know Jesus, she operates very capably under the five-fold ministry gifts. She was ordained an Apostle in 2006 through the H. J. Hines ministry under the leadership of the highly anointed Apostle Hattie Joyce Hines, where she also serves as a board director. She has served as board chair and director for a number of organizations.

Experience Imagine Ministries program was launched in 2008 to focus on educating, enhancing and elevating each individuals thinking to achieve more of what God has available for them. By tapping into the word and power of God we are raising our faith to a level where you can achieve ANYTHING because you Believe God!

Just “Experience Imagine!”