Rev. Dr. Pamela Johnson Hood

Reverend Dr. Pamela Johnson Hood is a clinical psychologist and a highly anointed minister. She underscores the value of education. She achieved and earned a Ph.D. degree in clinical psychology. She also completed a Masters of Public Health degree in chronic disease epidemiology, from Yale University. She is a United States Air Force veteran, having served honorably, both stateside and overseas. Pamela is also the proud wife of Terrell Hood, a veteran, and career military officer. She adores her four children, Felicia, Terrell, II, Justice, and Jillian, who have brought so much joy and love into her life.


From her youth, Reverend Pamela, has acknowledged God’s presence in her life. At the age of 14, in London, England, she invited Jesus into her heart. At the age of 19, she was baptized with the Fire of God! Led by the Spirit, she often set out on the streets of Los Angeles, CA, to do the work of an evangelist. Ministering on street corners, in hospitals, schools, and even grocery lines, wherever she saw an opportunity, she was granted the privilege of leading countless people to the Lord. Having traveled and living in various places and countries around the world, she has always sought to bring the revelation of Jesus through sharing His great love to each individual.


For over 12 years, she has been serving as a Minister with the Sisters of the Son Ministries. She was licensed in 2012 and ordained in 2019. Her passion is to edify the Body of Christ, whom she loves dearly! Again, since her youth she has been graced with the gift of encouragement to build and strengthen God’s people, one heart at a time. It has been 40 years and counting, since that wonderful and blessed day in London, when Pamela began her walk with the Lord Jesus. She stands proud, honored and humbled to continue this great journey with the Lord, continuing the work of an evangelist spreading the gospel worldwide.