Just imagine...you can live and experience the higher, more abundant life created for you by God.  Understanding faith and the importance of believing can change your life forever.  We invite you to
"Experience Imagine."

Through a very powerful vision in 1994, the Lord birthed in our founder, Apostle Tonya Jackson Smallwood, the call to be an emissary for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Over many years, the Lord has continued to reveal and manifest more of His plan for this ministry.  Today, the ministry known as Sisters of The SON has launched its first series of fellowships and workshops.  This series of empowering spiritual gatherings developed by the Sisters of The SON Ministries is called "Experience Imagine."  God has commissioned us to go forward to:  educate His people, to elevate their thinking, and to lift them up to live the higher life that Jesus Christ came to give us.  We partner with other ministries across the nation to further the great commission and accomplish this vital kingdom work.

Experience Imagine focuses on enriching, enhancing, and elevating your life by delivering knowledge to foster a more complete understanding of:

Who Jesus Christ is and why it’s important to have a personal relationship with HIM,
and who you are and the tremendous potential HE has placed within you. 

Far too many individuals today are lacking direction and purpose in their lives!  Many people are living beneath the privileges available to them through Jesus Christ.  Our mission is fulfilled by assisting others in gaining an understanding of who Jesus Christ is, so they may attain their life’s purpose.

We believe there is an awesome and highly unusual move of God underway
and we want you to experience it with us!

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   “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge!”  (Hosea 4:6 KJV)

Sisters of The SON

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